Special Recipes

Thai Fried Banana


  • 500 grams of rice flour
  • 500 grams of all-purpose flour
  • 250 grams of crispy flour
  • 125 grams of tapioca starch flour
  • 2 tablespoons of table salt
  • 500 grams of grated thickened coconut
  • 1 tablespoon of Red Lime
  • (red lime is used in Thai cooking to firm up soft fruit for long)
  • ½ cup of fresh coconut juice or water
  • 2 cups of Healthy Chef cooking oil for deep fried
  • White / Black sesame as you like
  • 5-10 leaves of pandan cut into 1 inch (use when deep fried)


Step 1 to blend the flour
  1. Mix red lime with grated thickened coconut, sugar and salt in the bowl. Blend all ingredients and set aside.
  2. Add each type of flour into the previous bowl. Add fresh coconut juice or water little by little make sure that it is not too thick or too clear.  
  3. Leave the dough in the refrigerator for 1 night.

How to deep fried:
  1. Take the dough out until the dough has cooled. It the dough is too thick, you can add a little red lime water. 
  2. Add white or black sesame into the batter that we will use to fry with banana. 
  3. Heat the wok with cooking oil with medium heat. Add pandan leaves for 4-5 leaves. Once the cooking oil is hot enough, dipped the bananas into the batter and fried until turn golden color. 
  4. Set aside for 2 minutes and ready to serve.