Special Recipes

Salted Mackerel fish dip with coconut milk
Crispy Rice with Coconut Dipping Sauce
Goong Pan Oy (Fried Shrimp Wrapped with Sugarcane)
Deep Fried Spicy Minced Pork
Thai Fried Banana
Discard Sourdough Starter Waffles
Thai Crispy Caramel Chips
Steamed Minced Pork Bun (Sa La Pao Sai Moo Sub)
Pork In Golden Threads (Moo Sarong)
Shrimp Cocktail Wonton Cups
Fried Minced Pork Ball
Stir fried mushrooms with Soy Sauce
Pork Spring Rolls
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Deep fried pork with crab meat (Hoy Jor)